About Us

Santa Sweets is a family-run company and the growers behind the famous Authentic Grape Tomato.  The company was founded by Joseph Procacci, owner of Procacci Brothers Sales Corp, who started his produce wholesale business out of a pushcart on the streets of Camden, NJ in the 1940’s.

Joe founded Santa Sweets because he recognized that the tomato market lacked flavorful options and he wanted to provide customers with tomatoes that “didn’t taste like cardboard”.  Santa Sweets firmly established itself as the premier high-flavor tomato supplier when Joe attained worldwide rights to the first ever grape tomato seed.  Seizing a great opportunity to market a bite-sized tomato bursting with flavor and sweetness, Joe began growing and shipping grape tomatoes throughout the United States.

Today, Santa Sweets’ focus on providing the best tasting tomatoes in the market is stronger than ever.  Santa Sweets stays AUTHENTIC by hand picking our tomatoes after they ripen on the vine.  The extra time that our tomatoes spend on the vine makes all the difference in optimizing their flavor. Each farm is fully-integrated into a packing and distribution system that ensures both year-round availability and exacting quality control.  Santa Sweets tomatoes are packed to order and shipped fresh every day.  Every package contains a code that enables us to trace its contents all the way back to field.

Santa Sweets future is strong with Joe’s son, J.M. Procacci and grandson Joseph Procacci III involved in the family business.

We know about tomatoes

Santa Sweets has always been a leader in the industry for quality. One of the top reasons for our consistent quality is having proprietary varieties that allow us to maintain our high standards year-round. Santa Sweets has made significant investments to maintain our reputation as a leader in the quality segment, such as installing state of the art packing equipment, high tunnels, and shade houses. Each plays a significant role in consistent quality.

The installation of a new “small fruit” sorter, which has the capabilities to sort by size, color, and grade out defects, allows us to move the product through the packing process in a more efficient manner. The High Tunnels in our summer growing regions allow us to keep the produce out of the rain and use less chemicals, which in turn gives us better quality. The Shade Houses in our Mexico growing regions help to prevent damage from insects further improving our quality, and reducing the amount of pesticides used. Santa Sweets prides itself on staying ahead of the curve and doing whatever it takes to maintain our top level of quality produce.

What Makes Us Authentic?

Grown in Mother Nature

Nothing can replace Mother Nature, that’s why our tomatoes grow in the earth’s soil and sunshine.


Our tomatoes are left on the vine to ripen because that’s how to get the best potential taste and flavor in a tomato. We never use ethylene gas, only mother nature.


The Santa Sweets grape tomatoes are grown from NON-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) seeds.