Santa Sweets was built upon our unmistakable bite-sized tomatoes, so much so that our name “Santa” is derived from our exclusive 100% Pure Santa Grape Tomato Variety (F1) Tomato. This Santa variety (F1) boasts higher natural sugar content, a better flavor profile, and a longer shelf life than other varieties in the marketplace.

Also, due to our progressive growing practices, we have yearlong availability for delivery throughout the United States and Canada. We were the first to distribute the grape tomato nationwide. Santa variety (F1) tomatoes are ripened on the vine and then gently hand picked to protect their thin skin. The care we take in planting, harvesting, cooling, and packing our tomatoes is evident in every bite. We are able to proclaim ourselves as having an authentic seed because of the purity of our variety, being a first generation hybrid seed that has not been genetically altered in any way. While many small or sweet tomatoes have flooded the market, with Santa Sweets the difference is in the taste!

Our exclusive pure Santa grape tomato variety is the authentic grape tomato.

Santa Grape Tomato Variety (F1):

Santa Sweets

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